Efficient data management with maximum data security and optimal data protection – at REISSWOLF that's our core purpose.

REISSWOLF provides a unique 360-degree service around data protection and data security for your sensitive documents.

We accompany organizations throughout the entire lifecycle of their document & data: from their creation and processing via our archiving and digitization services, through to secure document shredding & data destruction, all of this in line with the international standards, regulatory plans and legislation in power.

News from REISSWOLF Kosovo

3 very good reasons for archiving with REISSWOLF Kosovo

What do you want when you need to keep company-relevant documents for years?

Secure destruction of documents, hard drives and the like.

You can rely on our closed security chain from collection through to legally compliant destruction in accordance with the provisions of Law as well as DIN 66399 standards.

Save space, time and money when archiving.

Faced with damp rooms? Searching for hours in growing archive inventories or having to travel a long way? We can change all that for you! We swift through, categorize and archive your documents. And our web-based inventory management system gives you access to your documents at all times.