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Nowadays, the data volume in companies is growing rapidly and pushing storage capacities to the limit. At REISSWOLF, we meet these growing challenges by providing physical and digital records management solutions that take a lot of work and worries off the hands of our customers and allow them to concentrate on their main business.

Our REISSWOLF archive.services. include, for example, analogue and digital archiving of data, digitization of folders, compliance with deadlines, punctual disposal, and search management. In essence, REISSWOLF can take over the entire maintenance process of your archive, saving you a lot of time and expense. Of course, all operations are in line with our high security standards.


  • Comprehensive fire alarm and burglar alarm systems as well as integral fire protection concepts
  • Access control and video surveillance
  • Password/firewall-protected databases with daily backups
  • Easy retrieval of archived data via excellent indexing
  • Logging of all operations
  • Legally obligated employees
  • Periodic internal revisions and external audits


  • Optimal space utilization in centralized archive facilities
  • Your labor and insurance costs, as well as costs for fire protection and occupational safety, are lowered.
  • Investments in storage techniques and warehouses are avoided.
  • Requirements toward professional archiving are met.
  • Price stability and calculable costs
  • Expiry management included
  • You are able to focus on core competences.